Branch Office in Turkey

Opening a branch ofice in Turkey is subject to permission from the Ministry of Science and Commerce and Industry. The resolution of the board of directors or shareholders of the parent company about the establishment of a branch office in Turkey is required for application to the Ministry. Before opening a branch in Turkey, at least one turkish resident director should be appointed as branch representative by parent company

Registration To The Trade Registry

After permission and approval of Ministry, Trade Registry is a must. The following documents are required for application to the Trade Registry Office:

 Director’s resolution of parent company about the establishment of a branch office in Turkey

  • Translated Passport copy of the person who is appointed as representative and bind the branch (copy of the identity and residence certificate for Turkish citizens)
  • A notary certified signature of the persons authorised to represent the branch. Proxy that will function as a signature circular granted to the authorised representative in Turkey.
  • Trade Registry Document of Parent Company from its Chamber of Commerce

 Tax Office Registration

Registration procedure for a branch is the same as for the companies. Branch offices are not considered as separate legal entities and are closely associated with their parent companies in respect of internal management.

 Branch Opening Procedure

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is the permit issuing authority for opening a branch. An application to open a branch must be submitted to the Ministry signed by the director of the Company. The application to the Ministry Directorate must include:

Company’s title, nationality, date of establishment, address and capital Name, nationality and address of the authorised representative residing in Turkey. Business activities of the branch Letter of Commitment in accordance with Article 29 of the Trade Registry Regulation

All the documents listed in the section below Turkish translations of documents prepared in a foreign language

 Trade Registry Office Procedure

Certain documents, including the branch opening permit from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, must be submitted to the Trade Registry Office.

Documents required for Ministry of Industry and Trade permit:

  • Company’s written confirmation of the decision to open a Branch
  • An original copy of the company’s Articles of Association
  • Establishment and Current Status Documents showing the registration and current legal status of the Company
  • A Power of Attorney drawn by the Company in favour of its resident representative, assigning full representation and accountability.

All documents should be apostilled.



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