Company Setup In Turkey

Joint Stock Companies, Limited Liability Companies, Liaison Offices, Branches of a Parent Company. We can get your company started, on the right path.

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Accounting Team In Turkey

Bookkeeping according to Turkish Uniform Chart Accounts, Maintenance of journals, ledgers, statutory booklets and records.

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Taxation And Payroll Services

As a Turkish Chartered Accountancy team, our objectives are to help you anage tax as an operational cost, to support you with effective solutions

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Metin Keser, CPA Firm In Turkey

You are at the right place. We offer a wide range of services about company incorporation, tax services for businesses and individuals.

Metin Keser Business & Tax Consultancy is a CPA Firm of full-service taxation, advisory, incorporation and accounting. We provide audit, accounting, tax services, consulting, private business services, forensic accounting, and other professional advisory services to a broad range of small and mid-sized, both local and international clients across many industries.

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Who We Are?

Metin Keser Consulting is providing a full range of tax and accounting support services since 1974 with experienced CPA and Auditor team.

About Us

What We Do?

Metin Keser Consulting services to its foreign clients are mainly focused on transposing the international business to their entities in Turkey.


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Tax incentives In Turkey

There are many incentives in Turkey for taxation according to district, type of business, tecknology...

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What is the corporate tax rate in TURKEY?

    Corporate tax rate in Turkey is principally 22%. That rate is relatively low compared with EU and applies to all kind of companies

  2. Which activities are vat exempt in TURKEY?

    Bank transactions, worker salaries, rentals (except with invoices), services with expense draft, exportations, purchases with exportation notation, sales to some governmental enterprises, purchases by diplomats are VAT exempt.

  3. What is the pre-permition for working?

    Only skilled workers could apply for pre-permission for one year, until their definite permission and documenttation process finalized. Salary for those applicants should be minimum 6.5 times of basic salary per month.

  4. How is taxation of Dividents ?

    Paid dividents out of a Turkish Company are subjected to withholding taxation. Transfer of profit from branch to parent company  are also subject to same basis. After wtiholding tax is accured, individual income tax will also been aplied.

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